Krisfo - Making Life Easier

Krisfo InfoTech Solutions aims to be the leading provider of innovative and low cost solutions to the Retail Finance Industry in India and have won many early traction for our efforts with some of the premier institutions in the country. Amongst the first of such products are a series of self-service kiosks which allow customers to automatically print passbook transactions.

Krisfo founders & Promoters have rich experience in retail banking industry and are truely aware of the challenges in Automating the financial institutions activities. Krisfo aims to be the market leader by overcoming these financial institutions challenges through automation.

   Financial Institution Challenges

Banks, postal service and other retail savings institutions in India have a customer base which is unique in the world. The numbers of customers are mammoth, the numbers of transactions are huge for small values, and the competition is intense. Also, each customer uses a passbook to get a snap shot of their financial health and want these updated regularly.

This has put an enormous strain on the Banking and similar financial institutions and it is not uncommon for a branch to have 2-3 dedicated staff members whose only job is to print / update passbook transactions for 4-5 hours on every business day.

Governments in countries like India are keen to deliver banking services to billions of people who include underprivileged, and illiterate. Many such users covet their passbook as the only record of their savings. And also for many government transactions, the Bank passbooks of Individuals are used as a secondary means of identification. Ability of Banks to cater to such customer base is in turn hinged to cost-effective solutions and are easy to use and maintain.